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Taste of Malaysia at Serai

In case you haven’t noticed, every Friday in May, I’ve been featuring a different Asian country for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. We’ve covered Thailand, Japan and China so far, and today, we’re off to Malaysia. Chicago has plenty of Asian restaurants – mostly Korean, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese, but only one focusing on the … Continued

Porkmafia Joins Analogue for Pork-filled Dinner

After snagging the “King of BBQ” title at last year’s Cochon Heritage celebration, Chef Alfred Nogueira quelled any lingering doubts over his ability to manipulate pork, andouille sausage or biscuits. His Cajun cooking became de rigueur of any visit to the cocktail bar Analogue, though the reasonably priced, bitter-centric drinks from owners Robby Haynes and … Continued

Restaurant Week Keeps Chicago Well-Fed For Less

Whereas retail boasts sales aplenty after the holidays, restaurants typically suffer low attendance – not to mention worn-out staff whose vacation (if such a respite exists) lasts a few short days in January. Restaurant Week, running from Friday, January 22 through Thursday, February 4, aims to ameliorate a typically quiet two weeks with prix-fixe feasts across … Continued

Tiki Renaissance in Chicago

For years, you had to venture into the basement of the Palmer House to get those fun rum drinks and crab Rangoon with a side of bamboo, but a pair of expertly curated tiki bars call Chicago home: one in trendy River North, the other in laid-back Logan Square.

Biscuits at Bang Bang Pie Shop

They’re known for their pies, obviously, but Bang Bang Pie Shop in Logan Square is also rightly beloved for its biscuits. Unlike the pie crusts (which have lard in them) they stick to butter for the biscuits. But oh, how their heft and density boggle the mind. I could eat these everyday for breakfast, with a … Continued

Still Loving Lula

I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked about my top 5 in Chicago for enjoyable eating, but I do know I usually include a recommendation to folks to go eat at Lula Cafe. It’s always been my reliable go-to for lunch or brunch on a Monday, when most places are closed, and I … Continued

The Gringa at L’Patron

I know, I know. We’ve been covering tacos, burgers and fried chicken WAY too much lately. It seems like every other opening in Chicago features these standards, albeit with a twist, in some form or another. But wait, there’s more. L’Patron (pronounced “El Patron”) is the latest taqueria to open in Logan Square, and the … Continued

Daiquiri at Billy Sunday

Yes, it’s getting warmer outside. But ever since Billy Sunday opened, they’ve had this rum-fueled, tart passionfruit and pineapple-laced summer-inspired daiquiri on the drink menu; perhaps wishful thinking for sunnier days ahead? I say bold move, Mr. Bartender. This icy concoction is definitely something you should drink. Cheers.   Thanks to Todd Rosenberg (@toddrphoto) for … Continued

Pineapple Custard Pie at Telegraph

  After yesterday’s post regarding Mindy Segal’s re-booted HotChocolate, I didn’t really think about running another sweet feature, but I’ve had this one in the works for about two weeks. After a casual dinner by my lonesome recently at the bar at Telegraph, in Logan Square, my eyes were drawn to one of their desserts: … Continued