Since 2017, Steve has made it his mission to find Chicago’s best pizza, and debunk the myth that all Chicagoans eat enormous, stuffed pies with two layers of dough. His thesis has always been Chicago is a thin pizza town – specifically, a tavern thin one, with pies cut into squares. His first book, “Pizza City USA,” tackled the issue head-on. He tasted 185 pizzas over the course of six months, settling on 101 of the region’s best pies. Breaking them into 10 different categories, he began creating a new way for Chicagoans to discuss pizza. His second book, “The Ultimate Chicago Pizza Guide” includes recipes, gluten-free recommendations, local beer pairing tips and updates the list with 50 new places (mostly in the city) pizza fans definitely need to try.

In 2022, he launched Pizza City Fest in Chicago, with subsequent events in Los Angeles and in 2024, he’s adding Nashville. These two-day events bring together 40 of the region’s best pizzerias, all baking live on electric and wood fired ovens for a crowd of approximately 2,500 each day.



He coined the terms PIGUE (Pizza I Grew Up Eating) Syndrome and OBR (Optimal Bite Ratio), and launched a weekly tour business – Pizza City USA Tours. Each tour visits four different styles of pizza in about three hours.

In 2019, Steve launched the Pizza City Podcast, featuring a different pizza maker around the country every other Friday.

Steve’s second book: “The Ultimate Chicago Pizza Guide: A History of Squares & Slices in the Windy City” (Northwestern University Press) came out in late 2021. Featuring 103 pizzas – most of which are in the city – it captures the Third Wave of pizza creativity in the city, with a stunning 50 new entries since his first book just three years earlier.

You can find all of the information about tours, merchandise and how to get his books at

Here is the pilot for his “Pizza City” web series:

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