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Chicago Gets A Thai Town

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and much of what makes the city so special, is the ability of immigrant populations to coalesce and form enclaves. One of the delicious results of that herd mentality is the profusion of mom-and-pop restaurants. One of the greatest parts of my job is highlighting these independent businesses, often … Continued

Falafel from Semiramis

The dudes over at Sultan’s Market may have the bus stop bench advertising market cornered, and as much as they boast about their falafel, it is quite good. But regulars at Albany Park’s Semiramis also know that their favorite Lebanese haunt also churns out some of the best in the city. I particularly love their … Continued

Toast Skagen from Tre Kronor

I’ve really had a thing for Swedish food lately (yesterday’s post made that pretty obvious), and it can’t be because I’m working my way through the Stieg Larsson trilogy (just saw the preview for the English language version of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” the other night, starring Daniel Craig – if you haven’t … Continued