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Pork Buns at Oiistar

Ever since Oiistar opened at the end of 2012, the regulars have been talking about owner Sunny Yim’s ramen: the imported Japanese noodle machine, the crazy amount of time (18 hours) it takes to make his pork stock, the abnormally potent level of heat each bowl brings. But just as interesting – and perhaps, more … Continued

Basque Cake at The Bristol

  While Chicago’s Italian community slowly recovers from a zeppole-laced St. Joseph’s Day yesterday, there could be cause for lament, now that the window for pastry cream-filled fried dough stuffed with amaro-soaked cherries has passed. But fear not, because there’s another cream-filled cake with fruit I have my eye on, and its inspiration is clearly … Continued

Meatballs at Ripasso

  Theo Gilbert has certainly paid his dues in the eyes of Italian nonnas and sous chefs everywhere. He’s logged time at nearly every station inside Spiaggia, launched (then buried) two Terragustos, and even helped out über-Italian (via Milwaukee) chef Paul Bartolotta with his Ristorante di Mare in Vegas. But for his latest effort – the … Continued

Hot Chocolate Mixes

While we usually reserve this space to recommend things we think are worth eating, this week, we’re turning to a favorite cold-weather remedy that’s drinkable: hot chocolate.  As a kid, my experience was limited to Swiss Miss (with water, thanks Mom).  But today, several pastry chefs have their own box of pre-measured mix that you … Continued