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Eating, History on Menu of Wicker Park Walking Tour

Story and photos by Kristine Sherred A hookah lounge, a bakery, a cooperative housing center, an arts society, a fashionable sports bar serving alligator. Together, this unlikely consortium calls the few blocks along Milwaukee Avenue, just south of Division Street, home. Like so many Chicago neighborhoods, remnants of the past mingle quietly, if rancorously, as … Continued

Soft Serve at Urban Belly

I’ve always been a fan of Bill Kim’s soft serve at Belly Shack: the coconut water-infused vanilla, the unique flavors (Vietnamese caramel, huckleberry), but at his newest Urban Belly outpost in Wicker Park, he builds on that momentum, creating two new flavors that blew me away (and have me coming back for more). This is … Continued

Restaurant Week Keeps Chicago Well-Fed For Less

Whereas retail boasts sales aplenty after the holidays, restaurants typically suffer low attendance – not to mention worn-out staff whose vacation (if such a respite exists) lasts a few short days in January. Restaurant Week, running from Friday, January 22 through Thursday, February 4, aims to ameliorate a typically quiet two weeks with prix-fixe feasts across … Continued

Lillie’s Q Now Slow-Smoking Brisket (but only on Tuesdays)

Inspired by a Texan sojourn and swayed by loyal regulars, BBQ master Charlie McKenna is finally bringing brisket to Lillie’s Q. Why the wait? He wanted the lesser-known tri-tip, a leaner, boneless sirloin cut from the bottom half of the animal, to earn his signature mark. “As a chef I am always looking to cook new dishes and try new procedures,” said McKenna. … Continued

Cabbage Soup at Podhalanka

During the early part of the 20th Century, as Chicago’s ethnic enclaves continued to settle into their respective landing zones, The Polish Triangle – at the nexus of Ashland, Division and Milwaukee – was a hub of ex-pat activity. Sadly, most of their descendants have moved well beyond that original settlement, to the Northwest and … Continued