Pizza City USA Tours, Open for Business

If you’ve been following my Instagram at all in the past year or so, you’ll see an inordinate amount of pizza. Slices, pies, wedges and all sorts of oven situations. I’m not opening a pizzeria, but rather, building a tour business. My book, “Pizza City USA: 101 Reasons Why Chicago is America’s Greatest Pizza Town” (Northwestern University Press) comes out September 15th. But I didn’t want to wait all summer, so my wife, Amy, and I decided to start a pizza tour business. It was sort of a last-minute thing really. We didn’t start investigating all of the aspects of starting a business until February, but we’ve been pushing hard ever since. The website explains every type of tour, their duration and what types of pizza you can expect to taste. My goal was to get people out of their comfort zones and try four different styles on every tour, all in about three hours. We have two walking tours every Saturday (West Town, West Loop) and a bus tour as well that I’ll most likely be leading most of the time. Then on Sunday, we have our Hangover Pizza Crawl in Bucktown/Wicker Park for, what I hope will be a lot of locals. If you consider yourself a pizza lover, you need to sign up for one of these. The limit on the bus tour is 24 people; for the walking tour it’s 16. Hope to see you on one of our tours soon!

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