Lillie’s Q Now Slow-Smoking Brisket (but only on Tuesdays)

Inspired by a Texan sojourn and swayed by loyal regulars, BBQ master Charlie McKenna is finally bringing brisket to Lillie’s Q. Why the wait? He wanted the lesser-known tri-tip, a leaner, boneless sirloin cut from the bottom half of the animal, to earn his signature mark.

“As a chef I am always looking to cook new dishes and try new procedures,” said McKenna. “I have never eaten or cooked brisket before, because growing up, my family (and area) is all about the pig.”

The brisket, textured by a sturdy helping of Q-Rub (McKenna’s signature salt-based pepper and garlic rub) and smoked 12 to 15 hours in a custom J&R smoker, makes its debut today. Where he typically employs a combination of charcoal and wood, the new smoker allows for whole logs. “I am a firm believer that true BBQ is from real lump wood charcoal and wood, or just wood by itself. NO GAS!”

There is, however, a catch: his new brisket will be available in limited quantities on Tuesdays only.

Lillie’s Q
1856 W. North Ave.; (773) 772-5500
Tuesdays, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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