Cabbage Soup at Podhalanka

During the early part of the 20th Century, as Chicago’s ethnic enclaves continued to settle into their respective landing zones, The Polish Triangle – at the nexus of Ashland, Division and Milwaukee – was a hub of ex-pat activity. Sadly, most of their descendants have moved well beyond that original settlement, to the Northwest and Southwest Sides, and in some cases, further, to the suburbs. But Podhalanka remains, stubbornly, like a stoic party guest not quite ready to throw in the towel. Perhaps it’s because loyalists still clamor for their homemade Polish comfort food, including the requisite pierogi, cheese-stuffed blintzes and assortment of soups. Did someone say soup?? On a frigid-as-Canada week like the one Chicago is suffering through, there are few remedies as satisfying as a hearty bowl of soup, and the cabbage version here is truly Something You Should Eatâ„¢ (kudos and thanks to @toddrphoto for the excellent videography and photography).


1549 W. Division St.; 773-486-6655

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