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Dive into Oktoberfest at The Dawson

Unlike the name suggests, Oktoberfest traditionally begins mid-September in Germany, ending 16 to 18 days later – the first week of October. Chicagoans can jump right into the festivities this Saturday, September 19 at The Dawson with a selection of namesake brews and a $25 all-inclusive spread of German delights. Chef Shaun King lays out his rendition … Continued

Shrimp Po’boy from The Twisted Spoke

While The Twisted Spoke probably gets more attention for their Smut & Eggs promotions (porn after midnight!) and in-your-face ads, the food has always been several notches above the usual bar food crap that most places offer only to soak up the beer and booze. The Fatboys (burgers) and bloody marys are almost legendary, but the shrimp … Continued

Top 5 Salads in Chicago

Warm weather always results in the same sort of lunch, during the week at least. I guess that’s why everyone in L.A. is so thin. It’s the salads! (Easy on the dressing, of course.) In Chicago, there’s nothing better than a thick, tender hunk of shortrib over a mound of polenta in December, but come … Continued