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Vegetables Star at Bad Hunter

When most new restaurants in Chicago tend to feature steaks, chops and other meat-heavy entrees, Bad Hunter is taking a very different approach. The Chef – a recent hire from Nico Osteria – has made grilling, roasting and transforming all manner of vegetables the stars of his menu. Bonus: this week’s Extra Course Video – … Continued

Taste Talks Returns with Hammel at the Helm

Food festivals tend toward plugging celebrities or gorging oneself with bite-sized portions of lavishly-topped treats while pounding two ounce pours of wine and beer or miniature cocktails. We can all indulge once in awhile. This weekend, however, offers a little something different. Taste Talks promotes an alternative to the gluttony of food festivals, championing critical … Continued

Serious Seafood at Cold Storage

Taking a seafood lover to a steakhouse might seem counterintuitive, but that’s exactly what you need to do in the West Loop. It’s there that a large counter and an impressive array of raw seafood await, along with quite a few creative dishes, plus an impressive dessert menu. This week’s Extra Course, my web-exclusive video: … Continued