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Top 5 Italian Red Sauce Joints in Chicago

In honor of today being “Italian Village Day” in Chicago, I thought it only appropriate to delve into some of the city’s best red sauce joints. If you’ve come looking for Rosebud or La Scarola, you’ll be disappointed they’re not here. What these joints all have in common though, is their hospitable surroundings, serving comfortable, … Continued

Top 5 Things To Eat/Drink in New Orleans

  I have to admit, today’s list is by no means an exhaustive rundown of a well-researched, thoroughly-curated gastronomical tour in The Crescent City. It’s more a result of a few concentrated evenings of eating and drinking. Clearly, not enough time to provide you with a week’s worth of exploring, but at the very least, … Continued

Top 5 Hot Dogs in Chicago

I realize that anytime you include the words “hot dog” in a sentence about Chicago, there will be disagreement. People have talked until they’re blue in the face about the merits and pleasures of Gene & Jude’s, yet the fact they still use pencil-thin size 10s (10 to a pound) has always annoyed me. To … Continued

Top 5 French Fries in Chicago(land)

  There are few things more satisfying than hot, crispy, thinly-sliced fried potatoes.  I tend to respect folks who cut Idaho russets all day long, par-blanching them first, and then, right before an order comes in, frying them a second time to crisp them up.  It doesn’t mean serving them soggy and limp, but rather, … Continued

Top 5 Tacos in Chicago

  Here’s a Top 5 that’s sure to stir the pot of pickled onions a bit. After the remarkable little beauties I had last night at Antique Taco in Wicker Park, I was inspired to pick my top 5 in town (and can’t believe I haven’t even made an attempt at ranking them previously). Obviously, … Continued

Top 5 Doughnut Shops In Chicago

A doughnut can be a wonderful thing. It can also be dead weight, as in an overly processed, sickly-sweet pastry (yeah, I’m lookin’ at you, Dunkin’). But Chicago’s love of fried dough – be it yeasty or cakey – hasn’t subsided, despite the invasion of chain stores in nearly every neighborhood. More significantly, individually-owned, local … Continued

Top 5 Banh Mi in Chicago

Truly great sandwiches are studies in contrast. The soft chew of a Leidenheimer French bread encasing warm, fried shrimp, crisp lettuce and tomatoes in a New Orleans po’boy at the Parkway Tavern; the perfect crust of a D’Amato’s loaf housing a bevy of thinly-sliced, appropriately fatty Italian meats, dressed with fruity olive oil and thick … Continued