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Hong Kong Roast Pork

One of the daily rituals people in Hong Kong are accustomed to is seeing whole roasted duck, chicken and pork hanging by metal hooks in storefront windows; they will often pop in to get a styrofoam container to go, or just eat it right there. Four years ago, on my first visit, I hired Daisann … Continued

Lung King Heen

This dim sum restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel is the only 3-star Michelin dim sum in the world. I think that rating (as I do with many of the Michelin-rated places in Asia) is a stretch. This is definitely power lunch time, with commanding views of the Harbor and the skyscrapers that surround it, … Continued

Lamma Hilton Shum Kee

If you decide to take the leisurely, 40 minute ferry ride to Lamma Island, you’ll be struck by the number of seafood restaurants as soon as you walk ashore. Managers stand as hawkers, trying to get you to sit down and order a beer, then eventually, a full meal. Avoid them. Walk about 15 stalls … Continued

Yuet Wah Hui Seafood Restaurant

Known for one thing – the Hong Kong typhoon shelter crab, with mounds of chopped, roasted garlic and chilies – this casual restaurant, located in the Wan Chai District, isn’t cheap. But I had never seen this preparation before. The garlic and chilies serve as a dry rub of sorts, for the enormous crab that … Continued

Tim Ho Wan

They refer to themselves as “the dim-sum specialists,” and certainly, a meal here will give you the truest sense of Cantonese cooking. With five locations in the city, you can probably find one close to your hotel. Known for their baked BBQ pork bun, the vermicelli roll stuffed with pig’s liver, a pan-fried turnip cake … Continued

Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant

I realize shark fin is an irresponsible dish to carry, but it’s no use arguing with the 100% Chinese clientele. Skip it, and instead, order the delicate pouches of har gao (shrimp dumplings) or the lovely egg custard tarts. There are nearly a dozen teas to choose from, and if you get nothing else, at … Continued

Kau Kee

While traipsing around Hong Kong, tweeting from every dim sum parlor I could find, I saw two important messages from friends: “Go to Kau Kee,” said Chicago Tribune food writer Kevin Pang. “Life-changing,” added “Bizarre Foods” Host Andrew Zimmern. So guess what? I cancelled dinner at some swanky place in Kowloon, and made my way … Continued