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A Chicago Sandwich Inspired By Puerto Rico

Lin-Manuel Miranda might be the most famous artist of Puerto Rican descent, but there’s no question in Chicago, the jibarito is the most famous sandwich. Created near Humboldt Park by Puerto Rican cooks, the sandwich has spread all over the city, including one shop on Harlem Avenue where just about every customer orders one. Whenever … Continued

Homemade Tortillas, Salsas & More at Minna’s

Most Mexican restaurants purchase their tortillas, since making them one at a time requires extra labor, expense and skill. But there’s a three year-old Mexican diner on the city’s West Side that does everything old school- including salsas, juices and tortillas – made from scratch every day. Minna’s Restaurant 5046 W. Armitage Ave. (773) 417-7602 … Continued

Chinatown Cafe Offers “Bubble Waffles”

Waffles are usually thought of as a breakfast food, but not in Hong Kong, where “bubble waffles” are a popular snack these days. Since they opened a few weeks ago, Joy Yee Plus in Chicago’s Chinatown has been selling them, since they imported the special machines needed to make them on-site.

A Trio of Unique Bao in Chinatown

The Chinese tradition of dim sum has been around for centuries. Typically, the small plates of fried, steamed and baked items are a great chance to share and sample a lot of different things at one meal. In Chicago, one of Chinatown’s most popular dim sum houses — MingHin Cuisine — is now making a trio … Continued