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Restaurant Week Keeps Chicago Well-Fed For Less

Whereas retail boasts sales aplenty after the holidays, restaurants typically suffer low attendance – not to mention worn-out staff whose vacation (if such a respite exists) lasts a few short days in January. Restaurant Week, running from Friday, January 22 through Thursday, February 4, aims to ameliorate a typically quiet two weeks with prix-fixe feasts across … Continued

Beer of the Week: Euchred

Chicago’s Begyle Brewing company has been doing things a little bit differently ever since they opened, and this week’s pick is certainly part of that approach. The company is a CSB – Community Supported Brewery – much like the CSAs you find from local farms during the summer. You get a new beer every month … Continued

Beer of the Week: Saison Dupont

This week’s pick comes from the Dupont brewery in Belgium. It’s called Dry Hopping, and it only comes out once a year. The unique feature is that is relies on a single hop varietal. In this case, it’s the Challenger hop from Britain. Cheers!

Beer of the Week: Ommegang Hop House

This week, The Hopleaf’s Michael Roper is thinking of Cooperstown, NY – home of Ommegang, one of the best Belgian-style breweries in the U.S. Their Hop House is out now, and with our sudden blast of warm weather, he says it’s a perfect match for both lighter eating and drinking. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers.

Beer of the Week: Anchor Brewing’s IPA

This week, The Hopleaf’s Michael Roper is heading west, to San Francisco, home of Anchor Brewing. The legendary brewer has recently come out with its first India Pale Ale (IPA) and he says surprisingly, it’s more subtle than a lot of its west coast brethren. Partly, that’s due to additional malt, which lends a tad … Continued

Beer of the Week: TV Party Rye IPA

Chicago’s Revolution Brewing just keeps cranking out the unique beer. With a massive brewpub, a strong lineup of seasonal beers as well as specialty ales, this week’s pick is no exception. It’s a rye IPA with 7.6 ABV, which has a roasty, toasty character, thanks to the rye, as well as Amarillo and Fuggle hops. If … Continued

Beer of the Week: Allagash Fluxus

This week, The Hopleaf‘s Michael Roper is looking to Portland, Maine, where Allagash is brewing up something special for its anniversary. Called “Fluxus,” this ale is brewed with a blend of coffee and chocolate malts with blood orange pulp and zest.. The resulting beer is dark brown in color with chocolate and roasted notes throughout the flavor … Continued

Beer of the Week: Ruthless Rye

This week’s BotW hails from Chico, California, home of Sierra Nevada. The brewery’s Ruthless Rye is taking advantage of a recent trend in beer – that is, the tendency of brewmasters to use more rye in their recipes. Perhaps it’s a nod to the rye spirits we’re seeing from places like Templeton or Old Overholt. … Continued