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Okutan Kiyomizu

Part restaurant, part 380 year-old tofu manufacturer, this iconic, serene building is tucked away, just off a busy pedestrian shopping street. Try to go during lunch, when you can see the beautiful gardens through the windows, just fyi: it’s strictly tatami (floor) seating, and the tofu is the star. I met one of the shokunin … Continued


There are several tea shops in Kyoto, and just as many offering traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. But none have been around as long as Fukujuen, which has been in the business since 1790. Their five level store offers both a cafe, a retail store and private tea ceremony room, and I’d recommend stopping in for … Continued

Kora Tei

Even though you’ll find better okonomiyaki in Osaka, when in Kyoto, you would be hard-pressed to find a better source than Kora Tei. The Korean owners replicate this large, savory seafood pancake to perfection, topping it with either some Kewpie mayo or bonito flakes or both. Reminiscent of their own seafood pancakes from Korea, called … Continued

Tempura Matsu

With the elderly Matsuno-San overseeing every detail of your meal, and his son, Toshio, supervising the kitchen crew, your meal at Tempura Matsu will be life-changing, revelatory. It’s not molecular, and it’s not avant-garde. It’s simply Japanese perfection, using only what they can purchase each day, then combining fish, rice and a myriad of sea … Continued