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The Clove Club

What Brooklyn is to New York City, Shoreditch is certainly the same to London. Located on the Eastern side of the city, this area is full of cool shops and restaurants, including The Clove Club, located in the old Shoreditch Town Hall. The menu is pretty casual, and so is the crowd. Expect wild game … Continued

The Zetter Townhouse

Located just 10 minutes from the West End, in Clerkenwell, this is my go-to spot for a great cocktail before heading out for dinner. You feel as if you’ve stepped into a Victorian hunting lodge designed by someone with an off-beat sense of humor. There’s a hotel here as well; just a 5-min. walk from … Continued


Named for English wormwood ale, this dim London bar features cocktails crafted with a chemist’s precision. Purl 50-54 Blandford Street, London W1U 7HX, United Kingdom; +44 20 7935 0835

The Coburg Bar at the Connaught Hotel

The handsome and inviting Coburg bar offers straightforward, old-fashioned drinks prepared exactly how they should be. Relax in a plush wingback chair and read a cocktail history lesson with the Bacchanology menu. The Coburg Bar 16 Carlos Place, London, UK W1K 2AL; (+44) 20 7499 7070