A Seasonal Delight At The Bristol

There are technically only two weeks left of spring, but since winter was so brutal, a lot of crops are going to be late this year. That means you’ll still be able to find plenty of ramps, favas, spring peas and asparagus, and if you missed seeing green on your plates, there’s one restaurant in Bucktown where they going all-in this season.

For more than a decade, The Bristol has been a beacon for seasonal, hyperlocal cooking. They’ve been big supporters of the Green City Market, and this time of year, the greens are everywhere on the plate, in all kinds of forms. I took a closer look at four current items on their menu, each utilizing some of late Spring’s bounty.

Like shining beacons on a cold, dark night, the sight of asparagus, ramps and peas comes to local chefs like a savior. At the 10 year-old Bristol, in Bucktown, they use all of the above.

The Bristol
2152 N. Damen Ave.

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