Congrats To Our Winner…

Jack, first round is on me at GT Fish & Oyster

Congratulations to Jack O’Connor, winner of the $25 gift card to GT Fish & Oyster. Loved your detailed description of what you would do with $500 to spend on food and drink, based on my Top 5 post from Thursday:


“I’d make a Sunday of it with my wife: Starting early at the Publican for Brunch — Fried French Toast, Coffee, & Maple Bacon — Then head for a late lunch at Panes Bread Cafe in Lakeview — Pollo Diablo Sandwich w/chips, Coke, & Coca Cola Cake — Then, after a brief nap break and recovery from my naturally occurring food coma, end at Longman & Eagle for Dinner & Drinks, with enough left over to stay the night!”


Jack, contact me via my website to give me your address. Oysters are on me.

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