Going “Whole Hog” at Vie With Unique Butchering Class


Please don’t tell my mom about today’s two posts, she’ll kill me. This morning we talked about the 2nd Annual Baconfest over the weekend, and we mentioned that Nathan Sears from Vie in Western Springs took home the “Golden Rasher” for the best bacon dish. Well yesterday, as Sears was basking in the glory of his porcine victory, he also led an enthusiastic group of about 15 people through his regular series of “Whole Hog” classes at the restaurant.


I stopped by for awhile to see how the class is constructed, and was surprised to see only two women. The dudes in attendance were all stoked to not only see how a whole pig is taken apart, but they also got a tenderloin Milanese lunch, and will be able to take home sausage, bacon and in about two weeks, some homemade pancetta. See my video above for more details. Nathan’s next class is in May (but it’s sold out). Check the restaurant’s website for details on their future “whole hog” classes.

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