How Many Chefs Does It Take to Make a Meatball?


Though a meatball concept in Wicker Park failed to capture the city’s heart, Formento’s perspective on the humble Italian icon remains unfazed. This Sunday, Chef Chris Pandel of B. Hospitality Co. and The Bristol’s Sean Pharr welcome a slew of acclaimed chefs to compete in a friendly Battle of the Balls. The only traditional ball may come from the host himself.

No doubt that Abra Berens of Local Foods and Paul Virant will champion seasonality, while Brian Enyart and Jennifer Jones may channel the top-notch Mexican they’re doling out at Dos Urban Cantina. Nathan Sears represents the German roots of The Radler, Joshua Kulp and Christine Cikowski bring their Honey Butter Fried Chicken ethos, and Duncan Biddulph showcases the simplicity that The Winchester does so well.

John Ross, a partner in B. Hospitality Co. and the guy whose grandmother is Formento’s nonna inspiration, exudes immense appreciation for the comfort of a good meatball. “We know that with the chef talent joining us, we are going to have some incredible variations of a very popular dish,” he says.

La Sirena Clandestina, Bang Bang Pie, and Scofflaw will surely help that cause.

The ticket price for either the 12 p.m. or the 2 p.m. session includes Goose Island Beer and Terlato Wine, plus a Campari cocktail bar featuring Negronis from Greg Buttera.

Battle of the Balls
March 6, 12 p.m. or 2 p.m.
925 W. Randolph St.; (312) 690-7295
Tickets: $60 for either session

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