Serious Jamaican Jerk Smoked & Grilled on North Side

I’ve had jerk chicken and pork from the source – Boston Beach, Jamaica – but I’ve rarely had jerk in Chicago that matched the flavor profile of those spicy, tongue-blistering, sweat-inducing memories. Thankfully, a former food truck has expanded to a full-time brick-and-mortar operation on the city’s Near North Side, now cranking out Jamaican food with the same bold, untamed marinades and sauces I remember from that island getaway many years ago.


3 responses to “Serious Jamaican Jerk Smoked & Grilled on North Side
  1. Nothin’-
    compares to the JERK PORK & JERK CHICKEN served as a
    Weekend only special @ Chicago’s only Caribbean-American Bakery on Howard,
    Between Sheridan and The RedLine.
    Their “vegetable” side of cabbage alone is worth the trip.
    Best place- for Jamaican Patties- as well- their take on Empanadas!
    Ask for extra sauce on your Rice & Peas- thank me later…..

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