Summer Wine Classes Offered by BIN 36

BIN 36 makes and blends their own award-winning wines.

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of wine tasting and pairing? This summer, BIN 36 is offering two seminars that will give you the opportunity to explore food and wine with Wine Director Brian Duncan.


On Tuesday, May 22, Wine 102: Far Out Grapes from Far Out Places will be reviewing various types of grapes for those with basic wine knowledge. Wine 103: Food and Wine Synergy: Cheese & Wine Pairing will be offered on Tuesday, June 19 for those with an intermediate wine background. The class will begin by reviewing the basics of food and wine pairing with BIN 36’s own wine snacks. Afterward, students will enjoy a cheese and wine tasting and pairing session.


The classes will take place at BIN 36’s loft space, 339 N. Dearborn. Reservations and rates are available online at

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