Top 31 Pho in Chicago (ABC 7 News)

We tried to stick to places where pho plays a big part of the menu, or at least the restaurant attempts to offer it as a meal in and of itself. Again, a few extra points if they include culantro (saw tooth leaf) on the condiment plate and bonus points for aromatic broth (served hot) with tender, thinly-sliced eye of round and slightly fatty brisket. We never added any garnishes to the bowls. That said, on occasion, we would create a “yin yang” dish (my term for the half sriracha-half hoisin sauce combo) in case we wanted to dip any beef into it once pulled from the broth. Every order was the same: pho dac biet (house special) which typically comes with the full arsenal – eye of round, brisket, meatball, tripe, tendon, etc.


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