Vikram Vij Talks About Humble Beginnings, Lamb Lollipops

Vikram Vij in his namesake restaurant (photos: Julia Pelish)



Last Sunday, I wrote about Vancouver’s Vikram Vij, a chef who has spent the past 20 years re-educating Canadians about the nuance of his beloved cuisine, butter chicken be damned. When I was out there, I also recorded a great interview with him, where he goes into more detail about how he began, and then went back into the kitchen with him, to see how he developed his signature dish, lamb “lollipops.” If you have a few minutes, click here to listen to my edited audio interview. Warning: you might get a sudden urge to order in lamb with fenugreek and curried potatoes afterward.

Vij plating his signature dish.
Vij plating his signature dish.

Lamb "lollipops"
Lamb “lollipops”


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