Where to Find the Best Boudin in Louisiana

In early 2002, Calvin Trillin wrote a funny yet memorable story in The New Yorker about Cajun boudin (“Missing Links”) that has stuck with me ever since. In the years since I read the story, I’ve been to New Orleans several times, and have seen boudin on local menus; it’s usually gussied up with a side of chow chow and Creole mustard, or served with some heirloom vegetables. But I never had cause to visit the heart of Cajun country – Acadiana as it’s called – until last week. My son’s School of Rock All-Star tour took him through Texas (allowing me to return to Smitty’s in Lockhart and City Market in Luling for barbecue) and then after Houston, a gig in Lafayette, Louisiana before ending his tour back in Dallas. I quickly looked up Trillin’s piece, and sure enough, several of the places he visited were along Highway 10, between Lake Charles and Lafayette – the exact routing we would take after leaving Houston.

After jotting down Trillin’s places, followed by some quick consulting with Brett Anderson, the former Restaurant Critic at the Times-Picayune who was recently named a New York Times Correspondent (and who knows Louisiana food better than anyone), I mapped out eight stops, intending to hit them all within 24 hours. Here’s the result of my research (change setting to 720p resolution since I shot in 4k on iPhone):

Sonnier’s Sausage & Boudin
1217 Mill St., Lake Charles, LA

Cormier’s Specialty Meats
509 Allison St., Jennings, LA

The Best Stop Express
3002 Daulaut Dr., Duson, LA

523 Apollo Rd., Scott, LA

Don’s Specialty Meats
730 I 10 S. Frontage Rd., Scott, LA

Kirk’s U-Needa-Butcher
713 Surrey St., Lafayette, LA

Johnson’s Boucanière
1111 St. John St., Lafayette

Legnon’s Boucherie
410 Jefferson Ter., New Iberia, LA

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