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South Africa Culinary Tour

2017 is shaping up to be an ambitious year for my culinary tours. We kick things off in February with an action-packed (and food and wine-filled) tour of South Africa. Once again, I’m working with Earthbound Expeditions, which does an excellent job of accommodating special requests (I have many, when it comes to providing a unique … Continued

24 Hours in Montreal

Jetting off to Quebéc for an overnight trip with two other couples was a truly delicious endeavor. Sure, we hit some of the usual suspects – no less than three smoked meat delis, plus my favorite bagel anywhere, in the world – but we also managed to have an elegant lunch at Bouillon Bilk with … Continued

24 Hours in New Orleans

I put together this tour for a small group of six, which included a private jet from Midway Airport, direct to New Orleans. We hit the ground running: lunch at Cochon Butcher with the Restaurant Critic at The Times Picayune, a walkabout the Quarter, including oysters and Abita on tap plus cafe au lait and … Continued

Group Tour: Cuba

This tour took place in November, 2015. I’m working on another trip for later in 2016, but if you’d like more information, contact Earthbound Expeditions, who organized the details for me. I went to Havana on my own in August, to scout some of the paladares (private restaurants in people’s homes); we then put together … Continued

Come With Me To Cuba

Since the softening of relations between Cuba and the U.S. has been in the news the past few months, we figured it was time to go before the floodgates opened. Unlike previous tours I’ve organized, this one is going to encompass much more than just eating. We’ll visit farmers, eat in paladars (people’s private homes, … Continued

Logan Square Crawl

I recently organized a “crawl” through three spots in Logan Square for a Midwest-based corporation, having its quarterly Team Leader retreat in Chicago. On a Wednesday night, we had Chicago Trolleys pick up the group of 44 employees, take them first to Billy Sunday for two rounds, and learn a little bit about the area … Continued

Austin BBQ Day Trip

Interested in taking a small group down to Austin for the day? I recently organized an intensive barbecue sojourn to Central Texas that had us visiting three notable places, and we did it in less than 12 hours. We started by taking a private charter jet from Chicago’s Midway Airport directly to Austin. Then we … Continued