Logan Square Crawl

I recently organized a “crawl” through three spots in Logan Square for a Midwest-based corporation, having its quarterly Team Leader retreat in Chicago. On a Wednesday night, we had Chicago Trolleys pick up the group of 44 employees, take them first to Billy Sunday for two rounds, and learn a little bit about the area and the bar. We then got back on the trolley for the 5 minute ride to L’Patron, where homemade guac with pomegranates was waiting; everyone got their own made-to-order “gringa,” that is, a homemade corn tortilla stuffed with carne al pastor and chihuahua cheese; ice buckets filled with cold Tecates were the perfect beverage. Finally, we headed over to Yusho, where the group sampled a four-course Japanese dinner with premium sakes to match, guided by their Beverage Director, who also provided commentary about each one. Sound like something you’d want to do for your corporate outing? Shoot me an email: steve@stevedolinsky.com

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