Pizza, Pasta and Culinary Tours in Naples, Italy

I was just in Naples for a few days, checking off a bucketlist trip to the birthplace of the pizzeria. Neapolitan pizza is adored for its quick, high heat bake; its leopard spotted cornicione (perimeter) and somewhat juicy/soupy middle. It’s the original “pizza” but of course, it’s not as widely known in America. In fact, a lot of North Americans tend to prefer the sturdier, crispy/crunchy/chewy combo you’ll find in Detroit, New York City and even on some Chicago pizzas.

I did end up trying Sorbillo and Da Michele (the place Julia Roberts swooned over her margherita), but both disappointed. I needed a towel to clean up the dripping wet mozzarella di bufala, and the crusts left me wanting more. A trip to Caiazzo solved that (you’ll see in the video), with a trip to the Valhalla of pizza: Pepe in Grani.

I also took a Culinary Backstreets tour, as I’ve done in a few other cities. The tours here go deep into the local food scene, and I’d recommend it if you’re a culture seeker, really craving to learn what it means to eat and live like a Neapolitan. Hope you enjoy my highlights here (specific pizza recommendations follow it).


50 Kalo (simple yet fantastic)

Pizzeria Gorizia 1916 (great marinara)

Pizzeria Da Attilio (the namesake pizza offers 9 different flavors)

Concettina Ai 3 Santi (progressive, slightly modern)

Pepe in Grani (world class, a destination event)

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