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Restaurant Week Keeps Chicago Well-Fed For Less

Whereas retail boasts sales aplenty after the holidays, restaurants typically suffer low attendance – not to mention worn-out staff whose vacation (if such a respite exists) lasts a few short days in January. Restaurant Week, running from Friday, January 22 through Thursday, February 4, aims to ameliorate a typically quiet two weeks with prix-fixe feasts across … Continued

French Fries at De Quay

I’ve always loved French fries, especially the crispy, thin frites you find in French and Belgian restaurants. I’ve also begun leaning toward a mayo-based dip as opposed to my ketchup-laced childhood preferences. There are several great version of fries in Chicago, but none that have stood out as much as the ones I had recently … Continued

Moules Fest Coming to Chez Moi

Chef Dominique Tougne preaches the simplicity of traditional French cooking through the crust of his bacon & onion tart and the confit of his cassoulet, but starting September 15, he turns to mollusks. Though Moules de Marinière is always on menu at Chez Moi, Moules Fest offers guests an all-you-can-eat mussels and frites feast for just $25. … Continued