Brisket at Smoque

With Texas-style brisket on my mind this week, after my second trip to Austin last weekend, I felt it would only be prudent to let you know about my favorite Texas-style brisket in Chicago. This is not the Montreal influenced, coriander-and-pepper-rubbed, cured and smoked beauty that is Fumare, but rather, a humble expression of brisket alchemy, slow-smoked for many hours on the city’s far north side. Not really sure words can do justice here, especially since Todd Rosenberg (@toddrphoto) did such a good job capturing the essence of today’s “Something You Should Eat.” So just watch the video and drool, or make your way to the 38 hundred block of North Pulaski, where Smoque BBQ continues its humble domination of Chicago’s barbecue scene.

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