Egg Sandwich from Jam


Pork, eggs, cheese and bread. These seemingly humble ingredients have become the Four Horsemen of nearly every breakfast nook in Chicago. Naturally, the pork isn’t simply bacon, it’s shoulder that’s been brined and/or smoked, sometimes braised in its own juices; the eggs should be organic, and if not, then at the very least, free-range and all-natural; the cheese has to be artisanal, preferably from a farm nearby and by a producer whose name graces the menu; finally, the bread: produced that morning by either Labriola, Red Hen or Pamela Fitzpatrick (Fox & Obel).


Since it opened in Ukrainian Village, Jam has been a gem of a breakfast and lunch option in the neighborhood, and they’re planning a second location in Logan Square in a few months. Their egg sandwich contains all of the above, and may sound simple on the surface, but when you see how it’s constructed, you’ll gain a fuller appreciation. Good luck trying to finish one by yourself.

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