How To Make A Blackberry Diablo

Johnny Costello is in a gin mood lately. The self-described “Bar Man” at GT Fish & Oyster is talking about Nolet, a gin I had never heard of until we shot this video. The fact that he combines it with blackberry syrup and some of the best ginger ale I’ve ever had (spicy!) really turns this into a borderline summer sipper. Cheers.


Nolet’s Blackberry Diablo

by Johnny Costello of GT Fish & Oyster


2 oz Nolet’s Gin

¾ oz Homemade Blackberry syrup

½ oz Lime Juice

3 oz (about) Bleinhams Ginger Ale

Fresh Mint

3-5 Drops of Rose water


Combine gin, blackberry syrup and lime juice in a shaker and shake to incorporate. Pour into a collins glass, filled with carved ice (if possible), at the same time pouring in the ginger ale.  Slap some mint in your hand, then place into glass; it gets 3-5 drops of rose water inside of its leaves.


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