How To Make A “Contessa” (a.k.a. A Sparkling Negroni)


Blackbird’s reputation as one of Chicago’s best restaurants has typically been a result of the food. But over the past year, their Mixologist – Lynn House – has been blazing a trail for the restaurant’s cocktail program as well. We asked her to show us how to make a classic drink, but she put her own little spin on it (of course she did; don’t all mixologists want to put their own spin on a classic sometimes?) She did so by adding some sparkling wine. She calls it a Contessa, and when you watch the video, you’ll learn why. Cheers.


The Contessa

Courtesy: Lynn House


Combine equal parts (3/4 oz. each) sweet vermouth, Aperol and North Shore gin “6” in a tall glass.

Fill the glass with ice and give it a number of stirs with a bar spoon; stir for about 20 seconds, until the ice has just started to dilute a bit.

Strain with a julep strainer into a coupe or other cocktail glass; pour a little bit of sparkling wine on top.

Peel off a section of orange peel, about two to three inches long, and squeeze it, skin side down, over the glass, placing the peel inside the glass when you’re finished.

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