How To Make An “Apple Cider” For Grown-ups


I realize not all ciders are equal. While I love nothing more than drinking the unfiltered juice of apples straight off a cider press, sometimes the situation calls for something a bit more, how shall I say, inspired? Fortunately, the guys over at Tenzing – a Chicago-based wine and spirits company – are constantly tinkering around the office.


The inspiration for today’s cocktail came from William Skelly’s lack of interest in typical cider cocktails, which simply spike natural apple cider with a rum, vodka or combination thereof.  This recipe combines complex winter spirits to create the spirited version of a Fall classic (notice how there’s no cider in the ingredient list). This recipe can also be made hot by batching ahead of time and warming in a crock pot; what a great plan for holiday parties.


Holiday “Cider” (courtesy: Billy Skelly)

1 ½ oz. St. George Terroir Gin

¾ oz. Coeur de Leon Calvados

½ oz. Averna Amaro

¼ oz. Pear brandy

¾ oz. Fee’s Falernum

Method: Combine all ingredients, shake with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass.


Garnish: Optional cinnamon stick garnish

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