Logan Square Restaurant Takes Midwest Approach to Pasta

Dozens of Chicago restaurants focus on pasta, but most of them take a narrow, Italian approach. However, Daisies — a cozy new spot in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood — not only makes all of the pasta in the basement, it takes a more Midwestern approach to cooking, worrying less about sticking to Italian tradition.

One response to “Logan Square Restaurant Takes Midwest Approach to Pasta
  1. Daises is exactly as described – cozy. Not amazing, not bad, but cozy. it’s a good modern restaurant that doesn’t knowck it out of the park, but has strong pijnts. Pasta actually being one of them. People seem to like it just fine, even better than local restaurants on average
    I guess this is means this place has a future. if they keep searching for and applying fresh original things in the kitchen, I will really become a regular.

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