Pizza Quest Underway

In case you haven’t been following me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you probably haven’t realized there’s a Pizza Quest underway. It all started last weekend, after I read a particularly troubling listicle of the city’s hottest pizzas. I figured since I did the Ultimate Italian Beef Roundup in the Spring, and I’ve never tackled pizza, now would be as good a time as any. What I didn’t realize was how many more pizza places there were, and how many styles I would have to cover (tavern, thin, pan, deep, Neapolitan). So I’m on my way, so to speak, having covered about a dozen this week. I figure I’ll hit 40 – 50 places in all, when it’s done, and hopefully will have the results for you here right after Labor Day. The plan is to break up categories into THICK and THIN, with subclassifications like “tavern-style” “thin” and “Neapolitan” vs. “deep” “stuffed” and “pan.” Until then, keep your suggestions coming!


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