Small Cheval Opens in Bucktown Tomorrow

If you’re sick of the lines at Randolph and Halsted, you might want to give Au Cheval’s little sibling a try this weekend. Just in time for Lolla, Small Cheval opens to the public tomorrow, at 11 a.m., in the former Roxie’s by the Slice space at 1732 N. Milwaukee Ave. The joint has been converted into a burger shack, serving Au Cheval’s now infamous burgers (certified Black Angus packed by WW Johnson Meat Co.; Kraft Sharp American cheese), with slightly thinner fries than downtown – fried in beef fat as opposed to pork fat – along with some craft beers and cocktails on tap, shots and milkshakes. Nice and simple. The construction is exactly the same: creamy dijonaise, a brunoise of red onions and some sliced, homemade pickles. I thought the bun tasted a tad dry last night, and indeed, it’s a known issue they’re working on, but it’s the same product from the same bakery. See y’all on the back patio this summer.

Small Cheval

1732 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Wed. – Sun., 11 a.m. to midnight

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