Polish Comfort Food Best Way to Stay Warm

By Camille Izlar
Hapless Intern


Maybe it’s a result of living next to Kasia’s Deli, but I keep thinking a Polish meal is the perfect remedy for mid-winter depression. I asked my Polish roommate, Urzsula, where her top-rated places to eat were. After driving out to the suburbs, almost running out of gas and finding the Ferajna restaurant closing at 9 p.m., it was too much to take. However, as I left the restaurant in despair, I saw Steve’s face smiling out from a picture on the wall. Since he’s pretty much been to every place of note in the region, I thought our readers might appreciate a roundup of his favorite Polish places over the years.



A full plate from Ferajna

For a well-rounded meal
: Ferajna

Steve’s sources also recommended Ferajna as authentic and heart-warming. From his story for ABC 7, he had the beet-filled borscht, accompanied by a croquette stuffed with meat. He also enjoyed the sauerkraut smothered with caramelized onions and thinly-pounded veal.



Pierogi made from scratch at Smak Tak

For Pierogi and Goulash:
 Smak Tak

Everything is homemade at Smak Tak in Norwood Park. According to Steve’s story, the  goulash is a sight to behold:  baked for more than four hours with pork, onion, mushroom and peppers in a tomato sauce, then stuffed into a pancake and topped with sour cream and crispy salad on the side.



A popular polish dish, bigos, at Retro Cafe

For a popular polish stew:
Retro Cafe  

Steve recommends Retro Cafe for this hearty Polish dish, called bigos. Like all good Polish meals, it begins with kielbasa (smoked sausage); add onions, pork shoulder and sizable portions of cabbage and tomato sauce, it’s served hot with a massive amount of peasant bread. Perfect for warming up a winter evening.



Soups are one of many extraordinary items at U Gazdy

For a meal beyond the standard fare:
U Gazdy

Steve suggests a trip out to Wood Dale for a truly phenomenal experience. He thoroughly enjoyed  “a Fred Flintstone-sized pork shank slow-roasted for hours, served over a bed of sauerkraut, then topped with an onion sauce that’s amplified by Polish beer and honey.” That’s all I needed. Suburbia anyone? Who’s driving?


Other great sources for authentic Polish eats:
5214 S. Archer Ave.


Cavalier Inn
735 Gostlin St., Hammond, IN

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  1. I ate here after I read this review. I was so disgusted by the food I left Polish food too the side. I was disgusted.
    A Polish friend told me this place is horrible and will introduce me to an authentic/good Polish restaurant.

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