Seminars Announced at Tales of the Cocktail

What interesting timing. The day before I’m going to announce our winner in the RaveNOLA contest to join my group of merry eaters and drinkers, the prestigious Tales of the Cocktail comes out with its list of seminars for the annual drink conference in the very same city this summer. This year, they’re adding some Technique Seminars to the mix, and yours truly will be there, teaching would-be bartenders and mixologists how to work in front of the camera, in live situations, all while stirring, muddling, shaking and double-straining.


This year’s series of 74 new seminars will further Tales’ commitment to education and development, by offering opportunities to learn about just about every aspect of the cocktail and spirits industries from some of the biggest names in the business. New this year are two seminar series designed to offer more intimate, hands-on approaches to learning—Exclusive Tasting Seminars and Technique Seminars. The Exclusive Tasting Seminars will offer attendees intimate gatherings where no more than 20 people will have the opportunity to taste and learn about rare and hard-to-find spirits. The new Technique Seminars, which I’ll be participating in, will take a hands-on approach to seminars in groups of no more than 50 people.


Tickets to this year’s seminars and all Tales of the Cocktail® 2014 events go on sale March 30th. For seminar descriptions and more information about Tales of the Cocktail® 2014, visit


Tales of the Cocktail® 2014 Seminars


Exclusive Tasting Seminars:

  • The Art of Eau de Vie presented by Helmut Adam
  • Baijiu Tasting presented by Madeleine Andrews
  • Champagne 101 & Champagne Cocktails Too! Presented by Blaine Ashley
  • The Ultimate Deconstruction of Scotch presented by Mitch Bechard
  • Limited Edition and Vintage Rums presented by Robert A. Burr
  • Four on the Flor – Breaking down Sherry presented by Mollie B. Casey
  • Japanese Whisky: Your Next Obsession presented by Nick Korn
  • Vintage Chartreuse Liqueur Offering presented by Tim Master


Technique Seminars:

  • Behind the Stick, In Front of the Camera presented by Steve Dolinsky
  • High Speed Craft Cocktail Bartending presented by Meaghan Dorman
  • Building Rounds for high speed craft cocktail service presented by Meaghan Dorman
  • The Philosophy of Drinks Presentation presented by Jamie Evans
  • Absinthe Lab presented by Stephen Gould and Ted Breaux
  • Flick of the wrist -The art of the throw presented by Stuart Hudson
  • The Old-Fashioned: The First Classic presented by Robert Simonson
  • It’s Time to Talk about Temperature presented by Tristan Stephenson
  • Physiology of Shake presented by Marcos Tello


Traditional Seminars (Beverage Management, History, Cocktail & Spirits & Fun – partial list):

  • The Art of the Cocktail Competition presented by Michael Anstendig
  • Letters to a Young Bartender presented by Colin Asare Appiah
  • The Floridita: A Cradle of the Daiquiri presented by Jeff Berry
  • The blend is the brand presented by Andrew Bohrer
  • 3 Part Seminar Series: Raising the Bar-Better Bar Management presented by Jacob Briars
  • The 7 Habits of the World’s Best Bars Presented by Jacob Briars
  • Aspiring to be Heroes: Cognac & Pisco Presented by Paul Clarke
  • A London Tale of Gin and Sin Presented by Wayne Collins
  • Hurricanes, Hand Grenades, Shark Attacks Presented by Wayne Curtis
  • In God We Trust: Bartender’s Choice Presented by Meaghan Dorman
  • Thinking Outside of the Glass Presented by Elayne Duff
  • Innovation: Pathbreaker or Abomination?  Presented by Audrey Fort
  • Cognac & American Whiskey-Legendary Duet Presented by Doug Frost
  • Bottled in Bond- Ian Fleming & 007 Presented by Philip Greene
  • Training Craft Bartenders Beyond Recipes Presented by Bobby Heugel
  • Thirsty Masses: More Drinks & Happiness Presented by Bobby Heugel
  • Talk With a Pro: Creative Partnerships Presented by Ms. franky marshall
  • The Savoy 125 years of service history Presented by Declan McGurk
  • Heads and Tails…A Toss Up!! Presented by James Menite
  • A Barrel Love Affair Presented by Fred Minnick
  • The art of the drinks trolley Presented by Chris Moore
  • The Blind Truth About Aging Whisky Presented by Ewan Morgan
  • Rare & Exotic Botanicals presented by Raj Nagra
  • Chemical Compositions Presented by Darcy O’Neil
  • Hidden Flavors of Distilling Presented by Adam Rogers
  • How to Go Broke: Opening a Distillery Presented by Noah Rothbaum
  • Futurism + Deco: 1930′s Art + Cocktails Presented by Eric Seed
  • Adventures of a Spirit Sommelier Presented by Charlotte Voisey
  • Behold The Trojan Horse! Presented by Charlotte Voisey
  • Introducing Craft Bars to Small Markets Presented by Andrew Volk
  • How ‘Bout Them Apples? Calvados Unpeeled Presented by Jason Wilson
  • Healthy, wealthy and wise presented by Angus Winchester
  • The Godfathers Presented by Angus Winchester
  • Class to Glass: Education Beyond the Bar Presented by Pamela Wiznitzer
  • Women Behind Bars: Barmaid to Bartender Presented by David Wondrich
  • The Psychology of Cocktail Menus presented by Naren Young


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