Shrimp & Grits From 2 Sparrows


There are Trotter alums everywhere it seems, especially in Chicago. But the two guys running the show at the new 2 Sparrows in Lake View aren’t going for the three-star accolades anymore. They’re firmly fixated on serving “American” dishes with more than a few upscale touches. Pop Tarts with foie? Homemade tater tots? There are even a few “donuts” which, technically, are donut holes (I would skip them). But one item that has caught my attention (and fancy) since they opened a few weeks ago is the shrimp and grits. While most chefs in town stick with Anson Mills, here, they’ve decided to go with Three Sisters Farm grits, and a homemade tasso ham gravy that is sublime when paired with perfectly cooked gulf shrimp. I found myself licking the bowl each time I ordered this, and I’m pretty sure you will too.

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