Smoked & Cured Fish at Manny’s Deli

After more than 70 years in business, it was time to hit the “refresh” button. Manny’s has been a well-worn staple in the South Loop, hosting politicians and city workers of all stripes, but its best days were behind it, and if the Raskin family hadn’t done something with it, the temple of corned beef, matzo balls and kugel probably would have ended up in the long trash heap of other once-vaunted delis, like Ashkenaz. Not only have they remodeled the entire kitchen and dining room, they’ve added a take-out deli in the back, featuring lox and bagels, naturally, but also a variety of smoked fish. Next time you’re picking up a Sunday morning order, add some whitefish salad, smoked sturgeon and smoked sable to your platter, then see your friends and family swoon with unctuous delight. (photo & video by Todd Rosenberg, @toddrphoto)

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