Sonoma Cider Worth Sipping

The Hatchet, The Pitchfork and The Anvil all now available in Chicago.

There has been a cider surge recently. In Chicago, of course, we all know about Virtue Cider, the company started by former Goose Island Brewmaster Greg Hall. His Michigan-based company is producing some seriously hand-crafted cider with influences from the best British and French ciders. Red Streak is one of my favorites for pairing with food, and they’ve also recently come out with The Mitten, an oak-aged winter cider that’s been pipping up at Lula and Frontera. But there’s a new kid on the block, so-to-speak, and this one is from Healdsburg, California. It’s called Sonoma Cider, and I’ve admittedly fallen for The Hatchet.


These certified-organic craft ciders, recently available in Chicago, are made in small batches, and they’re gluten-free. I loved the ripe apple aroma and crisp flavors from The Hatchet (6% ABV) which pairs sweet and tart varieties in a way that makes this bottle totally quaffable. They also produce The Pitchfork, an apple cider infused with “essence of pear” – not a fan – as well as The Anvil, which contains bourbon flavor; again, not on my “must purchase” list. But The Hatchet is serious business, and I wouldn’t hesitate to serve guests this cider at my house. Cheers!

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