Thursday Cookbook Giveaway

Boston proud...
Boston proud…

This week, we’re going through the bookshelves and offering up the work of one of Boston’s favorite sons, Michael Schlow. Schlow has headed up some of the city’s top restaurants, including Radius, Via Matta and 606 Congress; he’s also a James Beard Award winner for “Best Chef Northeast” and was a Food & Wine Magazine “Best New Chef.” His book, It’s About Time, is for the home cook, with lots of stories about food, family, helpful tricks and easy-to-follow recipes. To win it, all you have to do is tell me – in the COMMENTS section below – why you deserve it in less than 50 words. Extra points for poems and haikus. Deadline is Friday at 5 p.m. and I’ll announce a winner here in the COMMENTS section over the weekend. Good luck.

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