Raving (Glad) About My New App

I’ve been raving about this dish at the Glass Onion since I had it in Charleston, SC


Over the past year, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. Invariably, all of that eating results in getting an email or a text or a call from a friend, asking for a recommendation. “Where can I get a good brunch in San Francisco?” they’ll ask me on my Facebook page, or “where do you eat dim sum in New York City?” someone will ask via my contact tab on my website. I always tell them to go to stevedolinsky.com, but I realize now that what I really need is an app, since most of these requests are coming from people on the go, phones attached to their bodies. Problem is, I don’t have the time or money to invest in one, so when the folks at Raved asked me if I would be one of their ambassadors, I said yes. So beginning today, I’m joining the Raved Mobile team as a featured Raver.


Raved is a great new free mobile app for iPhone and Android that helps you discover, save and share great places with featured eaters, such as myself, and your friends. The app lets you see all of my Raves (recommendations) along with tips about each place. Most important, it uses GPS to tell you what I’ve raved about near you. So next time you’re in Vancouver, Charleston, New York City, Las Vegas, Austin or Chicago, all you have to do is whip out your phone, see what I’ve liked, and you’ll get directions right to the front door.


You can now quickly and easily view the great places I recommend in my city guides and blog posts on the go with Raved. Try a few of the places I’ve Raved about, and if you like them, go ahead and Rave them as well. No more writing down notes, telling Siri what to remind you of, shooting me an email or note on Facebook or Twitter; next time you’re in Charleston, SC, all you have to do is check out my Raves, and then head over to The Glass Onion.


Download the Free App Here:

iPhone –  bit.ly/DoliOS

Android – bit.ly/Doldroid


As a bonus, the Raved team will be launching a big drive at tomorrow night’s Meals on Wheels Celebrity Chef Gala, where they’ll donate $1 for every person who downloads the app. Let’s see…free app; Steve’s advice in your back pocket; help out a great charity? Sounds like something worth raving about.

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