Alabama White Sauce at Saw’s BBQ

When I knew I was going to be driving through Alabama in February, I had to figure out a way to stop somewhere to try some of the state’s legendary white barbecue sauce. Created at Big Bob Gibson’s in Decatur, I also realized it had to be available elsewhere. I reached out to a couple of people on Twitter who know a thing or two about Alabama: the Southern Foodways Alliance’s John T. Edge, and Kaitlin Collins, a proud alumna of the University of Alabama, who’s Twitter profile features a large picture of the school’s football coach, Nick Sabin. Since they both recommended Saw’s BBQ in Birmingham, that’s where I stopped on both legs of my road trip (the first visit to check it out, the second visit to shoot the story).

Saw’s BBQ
1154 11th Ave. S.
Birmingham, AL

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