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Avondale’s Santa Masa Producing Thousands of Tamales Every Week

Homemade tamales can be found all over Chicago, sometimes from storefronts, other times from street carts. And with Hispanic Heritage Month beginning soon, I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks taking a closer look at a few of my favorite dishes from Spanish-speaking countries, beginning with Mexico. There’s a husband-and-wife company producing thousands of … Continued

A Pair of New Pizzas Worth Checking Out in Chicago

There is no shortage of pizza joints in Chicago, but it seems like every month or so, an exciting new option becomes available. Part of this is due to cooks getting creative and breaking out of the usual tavern-style or deep-dish Chicago has always embraced. These days, there’s Sicilian, artisan, neo-Neapolitan and even Roman style. That’s … Continued