Cha Siu Bao & Calamari Sticks from Shui Wah


In honor of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon, in case you were wondering), we’re celebrating with TWO Something(s) You Should Eat this week, from one of my favorite little dim sum houses in Chinatown. At Shui Wah, there are no carts rumbling through the compact dining room, there simply isn’t room for them. Instead, you are presented with a small menu card, divided into “steamed,” “fried” and “baked” items. Two of my favorites include the classic steamed snack of cha siu bao (pork buns) and crispy, fried calamari strips dusted in chili salt. All dim sum houses offer the former, but only Shui wah – as far as I know – makes the latter. Gong Hay Fat Choy!

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