Top 5 Places For Delivery in Chicago

Hungry for a little corned beef? 11 City Diner delivers (photo: Joseph Storch)

I was in L.A. yesterday, where it was a balmy 77 degrees and people didn’t think twice about going outside. But in Chicago, most of my friends treat the prospect of heading outside on a bitterly cold day with the same enthusiasm usually reserved for paying their taxes. I realize you can order online from services like grubHub and seamless, but do you really want to wait for Sarpino’s Pizza or Oggi Trattoria? Also, going through these middlemen usually entails a bit longer for a wait (up to 75 min. on the seamless site) plus minimum orders and delivery fees. Not worth it in my mind. But there are some restaurants where they take their delivery seriously, and they’ll get you your food before you get ready for bed.


1. My favorite Persian restaurant in Chicago – Noon O Kabab – delivers anywhere in the city (even as far as the South Side).  The delivery fee depends on where you’re located, so if you’re closer on the North Side, it’s about $2; downtown would be $10.  There is a $15 order minimum.


2. 11 City Diner only started delivering hot items off of their menu this month.  Their range is from Lake St. (200 N.) down to about Cermak; as far west as Wells and all the way to the Lake.  Delivery fee is $3.85; minimum is $15.


3. Coast sushi (a decent BYOB option, just fyi) delivers from Halsted (800 W.) to Kimball (3400 W.); Grand (500 N.) to Belmont (3200 N.).  There is a $3 delivery charge and no minimum order.  An employee said on the phone that delivery takes a little longer (45 minutes-ish) because they put everything together fresh.


4. Pequod’s (had to include a pizza, right?) delivers within a zone including Montrose (4400 N.), Kedzie (3200 W.), Monroe (100 S.) and the Lake.  No minimum, $2.75 delivery charge.


5. Ed’s Potsticker House was one of the few places on the South Side (other than crappy pizza joints) we called that delivers.  They deliver as far as about 300 N., 50th St. on the south and just west of Madison. They have a $20 minimum and delivery costs range, but for downtown, it could be anywhere from $6 to $8. If you’re jones-ing for those cigar-shaped potstickers, you might need to order a few other things to justify the charge.

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