“Good Eating” 5th Anniversary – Seg. 1

Talk about a Throwback Thursday…a few months ago, I unearthed some old Beta SP tapes from my Chicagoland TV (CLTV) days. In the eight years (and more than 400 episodes) of the “Good Eating” show I produced and hosted, we did a special, one-hour edition for our 5th anniversary, in January of 2000. The year before, Charlie Trotter was named Best Chef in the U.S. by the James Beard Awards. The Ritz-Carlton in Chicago had also been named Best Hotel in North America by Conde Nast, and of course our show had already won multiple Beard Awards by then, so we invited around 30 of the city’s best chefs to lunch at the Ritz, with Trotter co-hosting the show. There are some great snippets here, including lost footage of the late Trotter, Jean Banchet and the Tribune’s Food & Wine Columnist, William Rice. I’ll be releasing these segments one at a time, each week. If you’re a Chicagoan of a certain age…enjoy! If not, then just have a good laugh at what I looked (and sounded) like when I was a younger man.


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