Guacamole at Adobo Grill


It may seem like a tired trend, but while many new Mexican restaurants attempt to duplicate it, you have to hand it to Adobo Grill for being one of the first in town to make tableside guac a staple part of the experience, as much as a shaken-and-strained margarita. For Cinco de Mayo this week (one of the least important holidays on the calendar by the way; the simchas torah of Mexico), I thought it only appropriate to showcase something from the Mexican kitchen. There is only one Adobo left in Chicago now – the original, in Old Town (Yorktown and Bucktown have long since closed). There’s another one in Indianapolis, and they still make it the same way: fresh serrano chiles, onions, garlic and salt, mashed in a lava molcajete, then the incredibly soft and creamy Mexican avocados I only wish I could find in my local grocery store, folded in and mashed with some tomatoes and fresh cilantro. They’re going to have some special menus and live music in honor of Cinco de Mayo this week, so check the website or give them a call to make reservations. Buen Provecho!


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